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OtterBox Announces Cases for HTC & LG Device Devotees

I’ve got two press releases for you today in one post…  I love Otterbox stuff, if you want full protection for your gadgets and devices then you’ve got to get something from Otterbox.

OtterBox announces new cases for HTC and LG device devotees, just in time for the holidays! Now available, Commuter™ Series cases for the HTC Ozone™ and LG Arena KM900 and Impact™ Series cases for the LG Arena KM900.





Out of the office and on the go, OtterBox has the perfect protection for your HTC Ozone™ smartphone — introducing the new Commuter™ Series case line.

Designed to provide a professional look and feel while protecting against everyday bumps, drops and scratches, the Commuter Series case is built to withstand countless demands of busy lifestyles.

Carefully crafted, the Commuter Series case protects your HTC Ozone smartphone with three protective* layers: 

  • The first layer, a self-adhering clear screen film, keeps dust and scratches at bay.
  • The second layer, made of durable silicone, absorbs shock by fitting securely around the device.
  • The third layer, a one-piece custom molded polycarbonate shell, wraps securely over the silicone mid-layer making it easy to slide in and out of your pocket, purse or briefcase. 

Included with the case is a microfiber cleaning cloth and installation card.

Let the OtterBox Commuter Series case for the HTC Ozone withstand the countless demands of your busy life!

Additional Information for the Commuter Series:

Environmental Protection:

  • Added protection against bump and shock


  • Layer 1: Black
  • Layer 2: Black

Dimensions (case only):

  • 4.67” [118.6 mm] x 2.65” [67.3 mm] x 0.66” [16.8 mm]

Approximate Weight:

  • 1.46 oz [41.3 g]





Introducing two new solutions to protect your LG Arena KM900 against the everyday bumps, scratches and drops caused by an active lifestyle:  Impact™ and Commuter™ Series cases from OtterBox.  

“We are thrilled to add cases for LG devices to our growing line of handheld protection,” said Curt Richardson, CEO of OtterBox.

Carefully crafted to dissipate shock away from your smartphone, the OtterBox Impact Series for LG Arena KM900 case includes inner coring on the corners and back of the case for extra protection. The Impact Series also includes a self-adhering clear protective film to safeguard the screen from scratches.*

Designed with style in mind, the OtterBox Commuter Series for LG Arena KM900 offers a sleek look and feel that slides easily into your pocket, purse or briefcase. This case features a durable silicone mid-layer, one piece custom molded polycarbonate shell that exposes the silicone corners to help dissipate impact away from your smartphone. An innovative self-adhering clear protective film safeguards against unexpected scratches to keep your screen looking new.

Both cases provide access to device features, allowing all ports to be fully functional through the case. Included with each case is a microfiber cleaning cloth and installation card.

OtterBox Impact and Commuter Series cases provide durable protection to safeguard your LG smartphone– find the case that adapts to your needs!

Additional Information for Impact Series:

Environmental Protection:

  • Added protection against bump and shock.


  • Black

Dimensions of Case Only:

  • 4.40” [111.70 mm] x 2.40” [61.06 mm] x 0.65” [16.41 mm]

Approximate Weight:

  • 0.78 oz  [22.28 g]

Additional Information for Commuter Series:

Environmental Protection:

  • Added protection against bump and shock.


  • Layer 2: Black
  • Layer 3: Black

Dimensions of Case Only:

  • 4.36” [110.63 mm] x 2.34” [59.32 mm] x 0.63” [15.88 mm]

Approximate Weight:

  • 0.75 oz [21.49 g]

About OtterBox:

Built upon fundamentals of hard work, innovation and perseverance, OtterBox is a leader in the production of premier protective solutions for global handheld manufacturers, wireless carries and distributors.

Incorporating creativity and cutting-edge design into every product, OtterBox creates sleek and durable cases that offer reliable device protection to complement any lifestyle.

OtterBox was founded in 1996 and is headquartered in Fort Collins, Colo.

For more information, visit www.otterbox.comor call 888-695-8820. OtterBox — We’ve got technology covered.