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Where’s My Car Has Live Tile Parking Meter Support

Just perusing apps and I saw Where’s My Car? which is an app designed to help you locate your parked car. More on that in a second, but I think the neatest feature is the live tile support:

Set a parking meter timer

If you want to set a reminder to get back to your car before a certain time, you can ask the app to send reminder updates to the phone. Simply pin the Where’s My Car app to the Start Page on the phone, and you’ll see a tile with the number of minutes remaining and a green, amber or red background to catch your attention as the expiry time approaches.

That’s a very neat trick and I can see that coming in handy. Here are the rest of the apps details:

Where’s my Car comes packed with features to allow you to record where you parked your car, and to navigate back to it later. If you have ever parked your car in an airport car park, or in a giant retail park and then struggled to find your car again later, then you’ll know how useful an app like Where’s My Car can be.

The app uses GPS satellite positioning to record your parking location if you park outside, or radio positioning if you park indoors and then draws a high resolution map using road view or aerial photo mapping to show you the location.

You can also take photos of the locality, enter the floor, sector or area where your car is parked or record a voice memo, all of which is stored securely on your phone so you can refer to it later when you need to locate your vehicle once more.

There’s a free trial and the app is $3 to buy. Here’s a link to Marketplace if you’re interested.