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Who’s your Momma now? Women have successfully penetrated technology!

thWomen now make up nearly 60% of players of games on mobile devices.  BOOYAH!

Now, I’m not advocating for more “Hello, Kitty” or (FSM forbid) PINK in mobility, but I AM pointing this out to say to the developers, “You cannot afford to continue to think that games, particularly mobile games, are for men.”  In fact, with social multi-player games, women are even a BIGGER percentage.  As a woman, I can give my opinion on why I think that’s an obvious, no-brainer conclusion: as a whole (and there are always exceptions), I have found that we are more cooperative, more social, than men.  So, duh!  Of COURSE we’re going to be a bigger consumer of social, and even casual, games.

And here’s pro tip number 2: you want to get your claws into the toddlers? Infants? Pre-teens? Teens?  Guess who you’re going to have to go through: Mom, not Dad.  So not only have women become the majority consumer of mobile games, but they have a huge influence over the rest of the family.  According to EEDAR, a California research firm that specializes in researching video games, women are more likely to play these games with family members and send (and I’d assume accept) those annoying Facebook game invitations.  (Remember I said there are exceptions?  Yeah, my husband is more likely to play on the Playstation 3 with our son. I tend not to be able to stay with console games for long. But then, I didn’t grow up with a console and my husband did.)

Now before you start feeling threatened, according to EEDAR men still are in the majority in PC and console gaming, but that lead has shrunk from 72% in 2002 to only 53% in 2012.

Even stranger still, according to the USA Today article, Big Fish Games (a game publisher on the PC, iOS, and Android platforms) says that their Big Fish Casino game, which you would think would lean male, actually gets 65% of their revenue from women. (Disclaimer: I have been a BFG member since 2009. I generally play hidden object games, although I have some time management style games too. And yes, I have bought games for my son as well.)

So you can’t assume anything about technology anymore.

Source: USA Today