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Why Microsoft, some of your partners don’t know much about your offerings? Why?

One of the major discount retailer ALDI started offering Lumia 630 for 109 Euros. It is a decent device with stable operating system and good specs. The issue is not about the device and the underlying operating system, so fanbois of other platforms, please. The issue here is ALDI website for that device is saying it comes with 7GB of OneDrive for free, but in fact Microsoft upped the OneDrive size with every Microsoft account to 15GB a while back. Don’t ALDI know about this? Also can’t Microsoft look into every partner/retailer’s web sites at least to make sure they are no misrepresentations? I think it is good for Microsoft to check its partner’s websites and other information outlets regarding its products and make sure that information is correct. says “7 GB kostenloser OneDrive Cloud-Speicher“, which means 7 GB of free OneDrive cloud storage

Here is the ALDI site for your reading purpose and here Microsoft says it upped the limit to 15GB from 7GB for every Microsoft account.

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