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WM Say Hi to Mac – SyncMate 2.0 Released

I’m sure a few of you out there use Macs so for you guys this is probably news:) As of today SyncMate 2.0 is no longer in beta.

SyncMate 2.0 allows synchronizing your Mac with another Mac, Nokia series 40, your Google account and your Online Backup Account, all at once, btw. In other words, SyncMate 2.0 enables users to build up a line of devices to be synced, making your Mac a leading link in this line.

Sync Contacts and Calendar in your Mac with other Macs, Windows Mobile devices, Nokia S40 and backup these data online absolutely for free with SyncMate Free Edition!

SyncMate Expert Edition allows synchronizing iTunes & video, iPhoto, Bookmarks, Mail, Notes, ToDo’s and other data between Mac and any of supported devices. Backup essential data online, manage text messages and install any applications to your device in a few clicks!

No need to purchase several synchronization solutions. Let SyncMate take care of all devices and accounts!

You can find detailed description of SyncMate 2.0 Sync options here.

Additionally to synchronization features improvements, we’ve designed new, neat and sleek interface for version 2.0, which, we believe, you’ll definitely like.

For more details check out Eltima’s website.