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Wicked Lasers Photonic Disruptor Gets Reviewed!

Kristofer over at Test Freaks just got his hands on the Wicked Lasers Photonic Disruptor and does a great job reviewing it! I have to admit that I would LOVE to get my hands on one of these! I can only imagine the fun I could have! But these lasers are designed for Military or Law Enforcement as a “non-lethal” weapon and will not “burn” stuff like other lasers do. (I know, I was bummed too). Here is a little more on the  Wicked Lasers Photonic Disruptor:


Photonic Disruptor

The Photonic Disruptor™ is an extremely effective, non-lethal, waterproof high powered green laser built specifically for rugged, harsh environments. This laser is classified as TALI™ (Threat Assessment Laser Illuminator).

This product has been featured on Discovery Channel’s "Future Weapons." This tactical laser is equipped with versatile focus-adjustable collimating lenses to compensate for range and power intensity. Laze a non-lethal focused or unfocused beam towards potential threats at a distance. Used properly, the Photonic Disruptor™ will temporarily overwhelm a threat’s visual senses without causing permanent eye damage.

To get more information, like how well the Wicked Lasers Photonic Disruptor does under water, you will need to head on over to Test Freaks and check all of Kristofer’s review!

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