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Widget… or is it little application?

You know I’m not that PC (Politically Correct not to be confused with a certain company’s ad campaign) so I don’t know the correct term to use for this post.  However, I made a stop to a familiar site for some of us Mobile phone junkie’s for a few nice widgets; all thanks to our very own DavidK for the find. 

What are widgets you ask?  Well widgets are basically a stripped down version of the Pocket Internet Explorer application that is running a mobile version of a web site.  Now what widgets are there available you ask? 


Well currently there are widgets for:






SMS (Texting for us in the US)

and Wiki

This is all brought to you by emaster101 at PPCGeeks.  It’s a great idea if you want one button access to certain mobile sites.  This way you don’t have to fumble through your favorites folders for the sites that you frequent a lot like Facebook cough cough Doug!