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Win8 Metro Testbed From Splashtop Comes to Android Tablets

I believe I posted a little while ago about Win8 on iPad and wondered then as to what the point would be of something like that. Now SplashTop has come out with the same thing on Android tablets and again I have to ask why? What’s the point of running WIn8 apps on a totally different operating system than the one it’s supposed to be run on? Maybe it’s just me, it’s probably is, but I don’t understand it….


Splashtop Inc., the worldwide leader in cross-device computing, today announced the release of “Win8 Metro Testbed – powered by Splashtop,” for Android, a remote desktop app that allows software developers and technology enthusiasts to simulate a Windows 8 environment on a tablet.

Splashtop’s Win 8 Metro Testbed for the iPad has been popular with developers and users alike. In the Apple App Store, Win8 Metro Testbed has been the #1 grossing iPad app overall in 4 countries, the #1 grossing iPad app in Utilities in 72 countries, including the US, Japan and China and the #33 top-grossing iPad app overall in the US.

Now by popular demand, Splashtop is delivering a developers solution for Android tablets running Android 3.1 and up, with a target screen density of 600dpi (1280×800) and screen sizes of seven or ten inches. Using Splashtop’s new Win8 Metro Testbed solution, developers can test native Metro UI touch gestures on an Android tablet to code and compile new apps on their Windows PC.

“In response to the high demand from Splashtop fans and the developer community, we have provided a Windows 8 development platform for Android tablet owners,” noted Mark Lee, Splashtop CEO and co-founder. “With Windows 8 Metro both iPad and Android developers can now turn their tablets into a development testbed to evaluate touch gestures and functionality of their app in a Windows 8 environment.”

With Splashtop’s Win8 Metro Testbed for Android, Windows 8 app developers can use their existing Android tablets to test their apps and keep them current with new releases of Windows 8 Preview without having to purchase a costly Windows tablet.
Win8 Metro Testbed enables native Windows 8 Metro touch gestures, including the ability to:

  •     Swipe from the right to view the Charms menu
  •     Swipe from the left to switch apps
  •     Swipe left/right in Internet Explorer to move between pages
  •     Swipe down to bring up additional menus
  •     Swipe down on an item to select it
  •     Pull down from the top to close an app
  •     Swipe slowly from the left to run two apps side-by-side ("snapping")
  •     Swipe from left-and-back to show running apps
  •     Pinch to navigate files, folders, apps and data with Semantic Zoom
  •     And more

View a short video of Win8 Metro Testbed on an Android tablet at and on the iPad at

Win8 Metro Testbed can be downloaded for a special launch promotion price of $24.99 USD (regular price of $49.99 USD) from Google Play at for the iPad from the iTunes App Store at