Short answer is they are awesome. Sometimes you just want to reach out and interact with what you see. I’m instantly hooked on the touch & type experience. Combined with a well built keyboard on Ultrabooks and its simply an amazing experience. I can’t wait to sit down in Starbucks or an airport and make all the iPad and MBP users take notice. Devs need to hurry up and develop for the Win8 platform. Full size USB ports for gaming controllers? Check. HDMI out for connecting to TV? Check. Sufficient graphics and processor power to play latest games? Double check. The ability to play a game while viewing a strategy guide using split screen? Check. As far as I can tell this is the best of both worlds and I can see why Microsoft is pushing the Surface with keyboards.


  1. Agreed. I know OEMs still think that consumers “want” those $249 crap non-touch laptops, but they don’t need to make them their flagship products. They should offer no more than 1 or 2 of these throwaways as part of their product line, and primarily push touch devices. The difference between non-touch and touch is no more than $100, and usually also includes better specs.

    At retail, show only touch devices, but keep the crap machines in boxes on the shelf. You want one, here it is. Enjoy. Same with print advertising. Feature touch devices with a side note; also available as non-touch for $269. It will start to change the mindset. And that’s a good thing.

    • Yes for all that is right in the world, please keep those bargain bin devices on the shelves safely tucked away in boxes. No need to show customers anything less than the best possible experience and then give them a little push to spend a little more to have a much better experience.

    • So is there something inherently wrong with having the best of both worlds? Human beings have a natural preference to interact with the world around them. The best classes are always the ones that the teacher/professor encourages students to reach out and interact. To each his own but I’ll reiterate that I’m loving my experience thus far.

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