Facebook Home for Android

After plenty of rumors, Facebook finally unveiled the product to the world. Facebook home is pretty much a replacement UI that sits on top of the Android experience. Facebook home does its magic by giving you a full screen experience overplayed with notification cards and chat bubbles called “heads.” Sounds a bit ambitious? That’s because it is, check out this video below.

So, why Android? Android is currently the only platform in the running that will allow for complete shelling of the OS. iOS surely wasn’t going to have this, and Microsoft have been standing firm to their guns on customizing the UI past what is offered. If you thought the BlinkFeed feature on the HTC One was a bit much, there is definitely room for your thoughts here. Check out the videos below to get a since of how the notification cards and heads will work.

Also note, at launch, Facebook Home is only available to a few devices, the Note 2, Galaxy S3, HTC One and One X. Don’t worry if you don’t see your device on this list, I’m sure it’ll be updated shortly. And, as Android would have it, I’m sure we’ll see a leaked APK file shortly.


  1. The funny thing about all this Facebook Home business is that we all know that Google will continue to evolve stock widgets to offer more interactivity, Microsoft will continue to evolve the live notification system to make both the home screen and lock screen even better and iOS will hopefully get even better too.

    Nobody asked for this and I most definitely feel this is nothing more than Facebook trying to create a walled garden to collect as much data as possible from smartphone users.

    • I think their long term plan is increase ad revenue. They see huge growth in the mobile search. I lost the link, but it seems Google is loosing in mobile search and thats where FB wants cash in immediately and thats why they are pushing for it. It didn’t workout in 2011 thats when HTC started slipping and losing control on Android, and now I think it will be repeated.

  2. Or maybe they will do something really stupid in a year or two and block all except minimal access for any non-Facebook branded mobile device.

    Any up and coming social networks that I can invest $100 in today. My Benjamin could be worth 100x that if Facebook really thinks they are better than sliced bread.

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