Round of applause to the Windows 8 team, now sit down! This is something you really shouldn’t care about, unless…

Here has been something strange to explain to the average folk from day one, and before I get my point across, I’d just like to reiterate how much Mac OS sucks. There, I said it. Now, Most will read a headline, headling (you like what I did right there?) “Windows 8, a hundred, thousand, million apps!” and say to themselves, “yea, that’s nice, but the iPad has a hundred, thousand trillion apps!”

Do you get it? The Windows 8 app store is not seen as an app store for you PC by most, it is instead perceived as a very lacking app store for an iPad replacement, otherwise known as The Surface.

Although this is a valid point of view, I will take my victory where it exist. I really have no idea how much apps Mac OS has under it’s belt and/or in it’s app store, and I really couldn’t care less to search. But I’ll bet you this, and very blindly at that, it’s no where close to 100,000. So yea, lets just stand up one more time… and applaud!


  1. Did I stumble onto a Geocities page? My god, this has got to be one of the ugliest websites I’ve ever seen. How can a “tech site” have such a hilariously terrible design?

  2. @DanW: It’s a little plain, but we had to start from scratch to find out why our page load times were so bad. Right now they are loading incredibly fast so we can go forward with trying to find a theme that is easier on the eyes but actually loads quickly without all the plugins bogging it down. Stay tuned, we are working on it.

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