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Windows Live Messenger Gets Facebook Chat on iPhone

Windows Live Messenger on the iPhone received an update yesterday containing:

  1. Facebook chat integration
  2. Addressing top customer feedback requests
  3. Adding more languages – 31 total

Facebook chat is a nice feature since Messenger already has the most subscribers of any IM service and this just increases the number of potential users.

To Facebook chat:

When you select someone on the Friends tab, it figures out which network that person is connecting from, so you can chat with them there. For example, if Jean uses both Messenger and Facebook but is currently only signed in to Facebook, then when you can tap her name, you’ll start chatting with her in Facebook. You can also explicitly choose to chat with someone in Messenger vs. Facebook by choosing the Send IM (Facebook) option in the slide-out menu of their profile picture.

You can check out more on the Windows Live Blog. Of course I don’t see an update for WM6.5 but expect WP7 to launch with this included…but of course that’s mere speculation.

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