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Windows Live Search Mobile Gets Update Version 4.0.12158.1

One of my “Must Have” Applications just got even better! Windows Live Search Mobile just got updated to Version 4.0.12158.1. So what’s new? The first thing you’ll notice is the (Locate Me) when you first open WLS. Just like Google Maps, Windows Live Search can now tell you approximately where you are based on the cell phone towers. So if you do not have a built in GPS like us (Don’t be hatin’) you can still find out where you are.

So with this new update, WLS, which was always my favorite, begins knocking a little harder on Google Maps Door. Of course a feature that WLS has that Google Maps does not, is Voice Recognition. I have always liked this ability, especially when driving. The WLS interface is very well laid out and using the categories list helps locate Hotels, Restaurants, and other POI’s very easily.

But wait! What’s this? Here is yet another little value added to Windows Live Search that I did not count on! It’s called Bird’s Eye and as you can see it is located by clicking Menu, then clicking View when you are looking at a map! I got some pictures after the break for everyone to look at.

So if you haven’t already, you need to head on over to the Windows Live Search for Mobile website and download this latest version for your device! It is now solidly placed in my must have applications closer to the top!

You can download Windows Live Search Mobile by heading on over to the website or just clicking here.