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Windows Mobile 6.6 or 7 Announcement Coming To MWC?

There have been tons of rumors floating around about the release of Windows Mobile 7, and even a bunch of screen shots. We chase rumors here as much as anyone, but I have been hesitant to write about any Windows Mobile 7 rumors because of the continued delays, disappointments, and updates released to Windows Mobile 6.5. Even though Windows Mobile 6.5 was a much needed patch, to an outdated operating system and most especially, user interface, it was really only made better by the efforts of HTC to continue integrating their Touch Flo 3D and Sense technology deeper into the operating system leaving Windows Mobile’s flaws in it’s shadow.


Now, don’t get me wrong, Titanium and Chome were a much needed shot in the are for Windows Mobile 6.5. Both of which letting us say goodbye to the tired UI that dated back to Windows Mobile 5 was released in 2005. Oh, and by the way, if you want to see a great comparison between all of the different User Interfaces currently available for Windows Mobile, you must check out David’s article: What’s Your UI? As is usual for David, it is a very well done walk through all of the different ways that you interface with your device.

So that sort of brings us to today. The much anticipated release of Windows Mobile 7 and the savior to a platform rich in history and former glory. Even though the release of Windows Mobile 7 won’t mean much to current device owners with Windows Mobile 6.5, as WinMo 7  will only support devices like the HTC HD2 that use a 1gHz and have a 800×480 touch screen and is already released in Europe and coming to T-Mobile.

winmooompaloompasSo what can we expect in Windows Mobile 7? We can definitely count on Zune and other social media like Facebook, Twitter and even XBOX Live. All this with native multi-touch and a massive reworking of the whole operating system making it all finger friendly and easier to use. But it was during a Microsoft Conference Call by CFO Peter Klein where he tipped us all off to the next version of Windows Mobile would be shown in Barcelona “in a few weeks” at the World Mobile Congress (WMC). But! Yes, there is a but folks, and I hate to throw this at you, but there is a rumor by that says that Microsoft will not release WinMo 7, but in fact release yet another update to the current Windows Mobile 6.5 platform and calling it Windows Mobile 6.6. Digitimes suggests that slumping sales (ya think?) is because of competitors like iPhone (obviously) and Android that both support capacitive screens and multi-touch. So is this simply going to be the announcement? Windows Mobile 6.5 with a Capacitive Screen update to Windows Mobile 6.6? This does seem to have some believability based on the enormous setbacks Microsoft continues to have releasing the shiny new OS we have all been wait (and waiting) for for years. Because Windows Mobile 6.5 was released at last years WMC, and if Microsoft releases 6.6 and this years 2010 WMC, it is likely, or highly probable that Windows Mobile 7 could be setback (yet again) to 2011. I seem to be torn on this, even though I strongly want to see Windows Mobile 7 released ASAP, it would likely be fatal for Microsoft to release it before it was perfected. Let’s all hope for a Windows Mobile 7 release, but hope that good times will indeed return to Windows Mobile.