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Windows Phone Game Reviews From Joystiq

Joystiq has already released game reviews of a number of Windows Phone games. Here are links with the score and a small snippet of what they had to say.

Glyder: Adventure Worlds – 3 stars “Adventure Worlds is a leisurely, solidly constructed game that offers a good distraction for the mobile on-the-go gamer. But at the end of the day, that’s all Glyder amounts to: a distraction, and not a truly engaging world of adventure like its subtitle promises.”

The Revenants – 2 stars “Perhaps it would be easier to give the game another chance, but the boring presentation, drab art, and lack of a story combine to provide no compelling reason to go on. Compared to the more exciting touch-based games in the Xbox Live line-up, Revenants feels dead.”

Flight Control – 4 stars “this is a game meant for players that want to chase high scores. Other than a few Achievements (like one which requires you to crash three planes at once), rarely does the game offer you something new or different to do. But perhaps Flight Control doesn’t need to offer anything new. It’s certainly addictive enough to make the hours pass on by.”

OMG: Our Manic Game – 4 stars “Ultimately, Achievement hunters and Leaderboard chasers will get the most value out of OMG — but it’s easy to recommend to anyone that’s looking for a good-looking, fun arcade game.”

De Blob Revolution5 stars “Not only is the gameplay rewarding, but it’s so easy to understand and control. Add attractive, smooth graphics, quick loading levels, truly scalable difficulty, and persistent stat-tracking, and you have the very definition of the perfect mobile game. Definitely download this.”

Twin Blades – 2 stars “It’s unfortunate that such a gorgeous game has such shallow, uninteresting gameplay. Even though it’s only $3, I expected much more of a "real game" experience out of Twin Blades than what it ultimately offered.”

Hexic Rush – 3 stars “Unlike Carbonated’s Flowerz, Hexic looks sleek and runs smoothly. The new Rush mode definitely makes it a worthwhile upgrade to the Xbox original. But, considering how difficult the controls are, I recommend you try the demo before you jump into a purchase.”

Frogger – 1 star “Short of a love affair for Frogger, it’s hard to justify purchasing an obviously lazy port of an antiquated franchise. Perhaps you like the nostalgia of its quarter-eating gameplay. But me? I’d rather spend my $3 on a game that I actually find fun.”

Flowerz – 3 stars “The visuals are just as rudimentary as the gameplay, especially when compared to the iPhone version. Yet, in spite of its dull style, the game seems to suffer from a bit of lag.”

So what do you think? The average score is a 3 – yup, average. But you can see some stand out here and I never heard any hype about De Blob. I guess we’re about to…

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