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Windows Phone 7 requires Zune 4.7

In case any of our faithful readers and admirers of Windows Phone 7 didn’t already know your future Windows Phone 7 requires the latest version (v 4.7) of the Zune software to recognize and sync with your PC.  I know what you’re what cool updates are included?

There you have it, the very first shot confirming app selection for Windows Phone 7 being done through Zune on the desktop.  Unfortunately with the bonuses comes some solid info on limitations that apply to Windows Phone 7.

Limitations are:

  • Zune software is the only way to sync pictures from phone to pc.  In the spirit of full disclosure this means neither your pc or any third party software will recognize your phone if you try going the USB route.  You also can’t rename your pics until they are sync’d to the pc.  That’s a huge pain the rear.
  • No hooking up and docking your phone through the tv or Xbox console either.  : (  It appears MS still has a ways to go for full seamless integration and nailing consumer experiences.

Be sure to download the Zune software and be all set to go when you get your Windows Phone 7 home.  It can be downloaded here.