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Windows Phone 7 Version of HTC Action Screen

Anyone who has used Windows Mobile probably installed the HTC Action Screen. That’s the 9 (sometimes more) button page that launches tasks so from there you can start a new email, toggle bluetooth, compose a text, etc and you could map this to a hardware key. Well with Windows Phone 7 you need to know the new way to call the various phone components to make a quick launcher and here’s a version of it that handles launching the phone, opening SMS, email, maps and the browser. These can also be modified to a specific person, so you can make it call a specific person and not just open the phone dialer or send a text to a specific person and you can even have the body inserted automatically. Even though this is early I can see this coming in handy the same way the HTC Action Screen is used – one ‘app’ to launch others quickly.

The source code is available here.

via Ginny Caughey