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Windows Phone 7–“Operating System of the Year” and Stephen Elop–”Mobile Personality of the Year”

Interestingly Windows Phone 7 and Nokia CEO achieved highest honors in the mobile world. Windows Phone 7 has been awarded with Operating System of the Year judged by the panel at the 2011 Know Your Mobile Awards conducted at Vanilla, UK. The panel’s main focus was Windows Phone 7’s differentiation with iOS, Android and others with its unique user experience and integration with services like Xbox Live, Bing, Windows Live, Microsoft Office and others.

One of the items that panel of judges said about Windows Phone 7 got my attention was:

“A refreshing OS that doesn’t try and copy other operating systems. Has attracted a large number of developers too.”, which is obviously very much true.The runner ups on this category interestingly were Blackberry 7 and Samsung Bada. Interestingly neither iOS nor Android got any award in this category. .

You can read more about this at Know Your Mobile web site here.

Stephen Elop, CEO of Nokia, has been awarded as the Mobile Personality of the Year by Know Your Mobile Awards. The judges believed that Nokia CEO transformed the year 2011 for Nokia and believed 2012 believe for Nokia.

These two awards are double win for Windows Phone 7, because Nokia adopted Windows Phone 7 as its choice of Operating System to power its phones, leaving its own set of operating systems.

The panel of Know Your Mobile Awards comprises, Jonathan Morris, senior editor at Steel Media; Susi Weaser, freelance journalist; Harriet Rhodes, editor of; Comedian and host Steve Furst; and Know Your Mobile’s features editor Richard Goodwin. The Group Editor Clare Hopping said 2011 as “a great year for mobile.” and agree that 2012 could be even better.

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