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Windows Phone 8 App Situation Steadily Improving

Each month users of Windows Phone 8 platform have had new and popular apps show up to be consumed and enjoyed. I’ll borrow ex-Microsoftie Charlie Kindel in describing Experience as stuff/time (stuff over time). Basically a good user experience requires that value added stuff gets added consistently over time. We’ve all bought electronics that improved greatly as updates and patches were added bringing features and stability along with them. There are very few things that lack a downside and a good user experience is one of them.

Today wpcentral’s Daniel Rubino alerted fans of the WP platform that Hulu Plus was arriving today. Sure enough it went live and a mad dash to download and start consuming your favorite family guy episode ensued. Recently we had Pandora arrive to the delight of users. Pic Stitch made the jump over from the Top 35 iOS chart; OpenTable app has been refreshed; Skype has broken free from the beta tag; Tumblr perked people up, an official Fidelity app arrived too. I certainly don’t want to leave out the new United Airlines app that came in so handy as I flew back and forth across the US recently. Those are just a couple of the great apps that have added so much enjoyment and value to the WP8 platform. Wondering about the game situation? Well nevermind the fact N.O.V.A. 3 is supposedly coming this week but you already have Angry Birds get new levels; Ice Age Village provides hours of enjoyable family and kid fun; super competitive Ruzzle; totally addicting hit Galactic Reign, and a ton of other titles. If you’re looking for entertainment WP8 has you covered in spades. C’ome on. Tell me your eyes wouldn’t open wide seeing such great apps waiting to be enjoyed to your heart’s content. You can’t!

Yes apps still come to iOS and Android well before they arrive on Windows Phone but it needed to be pointed out that things are getting consistently better and the experience (stuff over time) is quite an enjoyable one. Speaking of things getting better over time popular twitter client Rowi just got a very nice update.

Image credit: Courtesy of @sayonical (Big Thanks)