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Windows Phone 8 TV Ads Appear & They Are Awesome

A Phone For Each Of Us

When Microsoft set out to define what the Windows 8 Family of products stood for they settled on the personalization for the user. Something that is vibrant, personal and meaningful. In a stark contrast to the “get in and out” message they tried to convince people with a couple years ago the message this time around is simple. There’s a phone for each of us.

Ever since Jessica Alba started flaunting her Nokia Lumia 920 I strongly championed the idea of her promoting the phone through TV ads and commercials. Then at the Windows Phone launch we saw her come on stage and give her testimony of the awesomeness that is Windows Phone. Eventually we got a “Meet Steve" ad where Microsoft showed that they had figured out a powerful way to show off the personal nature of Windows Phone. It was like a match made in heaven for Microsoft and the stunningly beautiful and personable actress. Steve Ballmer’s ad was so good it almost seemed to have been a dry run of sorts testing out the general public reaction. Well Microsoft’s test data must’ve returned positive results.

It doesn’t appear that Microsoft has managed to wrangle Jessica Alba for a TV ad but they’ve opened their vault of cash to secure some influential celebrities that strike a great balance in showing off how people from different interests and walks of life can have a phone that fits them and their interests. American celebrities famous hip hop mogul Jay-Z, Rock/Pop sar & Fashion designer Gwen Stefani have signed up to deliver their own versions of “Meet my Windows Phone” and in the UK TV personalities Tony Award Winner & Burning Hot Actor James Corden & UK TV Personality Holly Willoughby have penned theirs. The Holly Ads have already started to roll out with James Corden’s starting in full rotation this evening in primetime slots. Check them out below.


Microsoft has seemingly found the perfect branding for their Windows Phone 8 mobile os and devices. This opening round of TV adverts is spot on and doesn’t try to be too cute or technical. The ads draw the viewer in and establishes a connection with who they are and what they are interested in. They wisely avoid the app conversation but instead makes the viewer only consider who they are as a person. The longer, minute long TV advert that appeared yesterday in the U.S. during the NFL games serves as a perfect counterbalance to the individual focused ads of the “Meet my windows phone” variety.

Bottom line is that Microsoft has managed to strike the right chord. The ads are awesome, the phones themselves are stunning and the OS is great to use. The AT&T produced Will Arnett commercial is something I’d rather forget altogether. Maybe, just maybe, the sleeping giant has finally awakened from its slumber. Sound off in the comments and let me know what you think.