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Windows Phone Rumored to Get New Arc Soft Keyboard

Microsoft was rumored to have been developing a one-handed, next-gen keyboard for Windows Phone, and now we have proof of it from a purported Microsoft Research presentation. Surur over at WMPowerUser got his hands on the leaked screenshot, and it looks pretty sleek.

The curved design on the keyboard is a smart design choice as it makes for a natural alignment with your thumb, and I’m going to go out on a limb and assume that this can easily switch between left and right-handed use. The new layout might take a slight adjustment period, but it shows a lot of promise from this leaked image – especially for those of you out there that frequently like to type with one hand.

The keyboard is being demoed on an HTC Trophy, so there’s some hope that this keyboard will be available in the Windows Phone 7.8 update for  those of you being deprived of an Apollo-powered phone.

However, while a nice addition from Microsoft, I’d much rather see Swype or some variant of it make its way to Windows Phone.

[via WMPowerUser]

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