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Windows Phone Xbox Live Games About To Go On Sale

We’re used to Deal of the Week but Microsoft is pushing a slightly broader sale called Countdown to 2012 from December 20 – January 2 as “12 days of Xbox”.

Celebrate the countdown to 2012 with special offers on Windows Phone 7 games. Three mobile titles, Fruit Ninja, Fable: Coin Golf and Hydro Thunder Go, will be on sale for the entire campaign, giving customers the opportunity to get a great deal on mobile phone games every day during the campaign.

Nice titles. Of course they also want to remind you that  the released three titles this week:


Battlewagon is an exciting Puzzle and Strategy game, with funny characters and wacky challenges, set in a Medieval world. Setup your advanced siege wagon with the latest in medieval technology before ratcheting up the power and letting it fly towards the enemy fortress!  Play through 68 levels of medieval mayhem while enjoying stunning graphics.

Doodle God

In Doodle God you get to mold the 4 basic elements of fire, water, air and earth to your whim.  Create more than 400 advanced items including exclusive Windows Phone 7 episodes.  Doodle God’s intuitive one-click gameplay encourages thoughtful and creative play.  There are hundreds of interesting, funny and thought-provoking quotes and sayings.  This Xbox LIVE version includes special features like a mini-game section for arcade fans, leaderboards and exclusive Achievements.  By the end of the game, you’ll have created everything from vodka to dinosaurs.


Breeze is a fun and light entertainment game for people of all ages. Take control of a fan as you strive to gently and carefully blow a flower to the goal line. Plan your strategy and control the flower through over 60 play-through levels, using only the power of wind.  Breeze comes with a chilled, lilting soundtrack with an emphasis on the smooth.

Keep it going guys! Nice momentum going into Nokia Year…I mean 2012.

Update: Corrected the start date from Dec. 12th to Dec. 20th. Thanks Paweł Piskurewicz