I am thinking Microsoft should release ASP.NET, IIS for Windows RT, AD Server etc. systems. This positions Windows RT as a competitive server working as a micro-servers, and each micro-server will be doing just one job i.e. serving Web, pumping files, Active Directory, Name, Time, one business process or functionality. These micro-servers can utilize the power of either Intel Atom SoCs or ARM, SoCs and can be clustered into a big server fueled by many micro-servers. And these servers can be Hyperscaled to meet 100s of users for their business functionality. The architecture of the server or the cartridge server that hosts the micro-servers can utilize the hot-swapping functionality to add, remove or replace micro-servers from it on the fly and configuring should be easy. This will be very useful for an enterprise within an organization to setup its own private Data Center/Cloud. What do you think?


  1. Intriguing idea. I have a Western Digital DX4000, which sports an Intel Atom CPU running Windows Storage Server 2008 R2. It runs pretty well, although a bit slow. RT on ARM or ATOM would be a decent alternative to the Marvell chips that run a large number of the Linux BusyBox-based NAS devices out there.
    For a larger system, like my 12TB RAID5 (4x4TB HDD) DX4000, the dual-core Atom is a bit on the sluggish side, and is limited to 4GB of RAM through an after-market swap. Windows RT would probably not suit me, as I went for the DX4000 specifically to be able to run a ‘real’ Windows Server OS.

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