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Autumn Dynasty Lite Previewed

If you haven’t seen the trailer for Autumn Dynasty yet, it’s the sort of thing that really leaves you wanting to see more. And fortunately Best Windows Mobile Apps got their hands on a preview of the lite version. The game itself is a real time strategy game where you control an army. From all indications, it’s beautifully put together. BestWMApps notes “Many strategy games are well known for their addicting game play, but do not always have the best aesthetics. Autumn Dynasty Lite is one that tries to change that stereotype with an artistic flair.” Overall they come away impressed and note “The full version of Autumn Dynasty should be one heck of a game, but is scheduled for an early next year release.” I have to admit that I typically don’t play strategy games but this one has really peaked my interests.

For the full review check out BestWindowsMobileApps here and while you’re there you can check out a bunch of the other great reviews they’ve published like Flight Commander and Tower Defense which both deserve some additional attention. FYI Best Windows Mobile Apps is the sister site of 1800PocketPC so you know you can expect great write-ups and the latest app coverage.

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