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Wirefly Blog Awards Voting is Now Open! Vote Fuze Mobility!

Wow, it is a really cool honor to be even nominated for the first ever Wirefly Blog Awards, but it would be even better to win it! There is some really tough competition and I could never take anything away from them, but if you like what we do here, give us your vote!

We are working really hard to keep you up to speed on all the latest and greatest Windows Mobile news and little things like this keep us going because we sure aren’t getting rich doing it! So help us out at and vote for us!

Here are the competitors in the Windows Mobile Division:

I also want to thank everyone who voted to nominate Mobility Digest in the “Best Cell Phone News Blog” Division where we got honorable mention: “Honorable mention:Mobility Digest looks to be on its way to becoming a competitive cell phone news source.” I am very proud of our writers and all the work they have put into this community. So please head on over to the Wirefly Blog Awards web page and for for Fuze Mobility! Spread the word!

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