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Would the real RAZR please stand up?

real-razr-please-stand-upI was inspired by one of readers (Ike) comments to dig out my wife’s old RAZR V3 and my old RAZR V3i after seeing his comment that he still in fact has an original RAZR. As I hope you guys all watched, I recently received a shiny new Motorola Droid RAZR to review from Verizon and posted a video unboxing here:

Mobility Digest Review: Motorola Droid RAZR Video Unboxing

I hope you all take a few minutes to watch the video because not only do I think I did an excellent job on it (not one edit!), but the RAZR is a true flagship device for Android. The Device is amazingly thin. The Kevlar back panel is the best designed back panel I have ever seen. It really sets this device off. There are nanoparticles applied to the RAZR inside and out for added protection from water or liquid accidents. Plus, Moto included Corning’s Gorilla Glass to make sure you are will protected from “scritchies”  and “scratchies” that always drive me insane on a device.

So as I complete my full review of the Motorola RAZR, I wanted to post some nostalgia for Ike, and recommend that if you are out shopping for an Android device this weekend from Verizon, don’t just “eww” and “ahh” over the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, make sure you pick this device up as well. I guarantee that your decision will get a lot harder. The Droid RAZR also now comes in white which is really popularAlso remember that the Droid RAZR will be getting updated ASAP to Ice Cream Sandwich.

Stay tuned for my review on the RAZR and a lot more content today here on Mobility Digest!