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In The Last 6 Months Interest In WP7 Has Decreased While Android Increased

Nielson has some new figures about the desirability of various mobile operating systems. Interestingly, when asked what smartphone people were intending to buy, Windows Phones were picked 7% of the time in the initial polling (done from July 2010-September 2010) whereas the most recent polling (from January – March 2011) sets that number at just 6%. Granted it’s a mere 1% shift, but in a best case that’s a flat number so the marketing push has thus far failed to result in any large scale desire to move to WP7. Of course, there’s Mango and Nokia in the future but that’s 6 months off and in the mobile world that’s a pretty long time.


At the same time iOS went from 33% to 31%, Blackberry went from 13% to 11% but Android went from 26% to 31%.

In line with this trend, here is what recent phone purchasers bought:


And that puts us at the current installed OS base:


Putting it all together, in another six months expect both Blackberry and Windows Phone to drop in this metric. Oddly, based on the desirability of iOS, even though it’s slightly down over the apst 6 months, it’s still anticipated to have higher demand than where it sits so it may actually rise.

Anyway, it’s clear that Microsoft has not ignited a fire yet and they have to put the pressure on for Mango and the Nokia alliance and while all indications are positive on that front, their old enemy is still lurking – time.

To be continued…