So I stumbled upon a site where a fellow enthusiast was nice enough to create a program to update you Windows Phone from any version up to 7.8

I have a Sprint Arrive and after running the program 7 times (you have to do it for each step of updates that you are missing (F U Sprint) as I was on 7720 beforehand.

Remember he will say and I will say, if you mess up your phone we are not responsible.  But the success rate based on the comments on his site have been very good.

Install WP7.8 via WindowsPhoneHacker


  1. I have tried the Zune trick, Phone Hacker tool and the cab sender! No update. I have an ATT Titan. I keep getting error messages. I selected all the languages listed on the Titan. I tried just English(USA) nothing. I’m bummed out.

    • @Bennyj-I have an ATT Titan too. I still have no update either. This is one of the dangers of purchasing HTC instead of Nokia. Nokia makes it a priority to get updates out to existing users because its part of their company commitment to best experience possible.

      HTC on the other hand operates at a snails pace and have gotten so used to different product lines and doesn’t understand the need to deliver timely updates to their existing users. This goes back to their WinMo days and has worsened with their Android and Windows Phone lineup.

    • I did get a Samsung focus and a HTC trophy to update. With the focus the trick was to weed out language packs. in (region and language/display language) there was English, Deutsch, Spanish, Italian, and French but the last update bump only worked after only selecting English. The updated focus still has all the working language packs after the update.

  2. I would post on his site. He was really good at getting us poor saps on Sprint up and running. He was amazed that all stock Sprint owners were on 7720. Within the hour he had it modified for his program to look that far back.

  3. Just plugged in my Samsung Omnia 7 and au update notification appeared!
    After three rounds of update i finally got the 7.8 on my device, and for those who didn’t see it so far, it’s really cool though i have to admit feels a bit slower but smoother!

    • forgot to mention, i live in a small country called Kosovo so i was quite surprised i got it before many other will :-S

  4. I have the same problem, I try and try and nothing happen, I feel so frustrated because I can’t get this update for my htc titán at&t, help!!

  5. Worked on our surround. Had to do the update a few times but now we have 7.8 far seems to be working perfectly

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