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WP7 AP App and XNA Previewed

This is really started to get good. The other day Channel 9 did a 45 minute presentation on the XNA framework and WP7 emulator that I’m sure devs found very useful. But there were two and a half minutes of the emulator in action that are just great – so we snipped them together for you:) First up is the AP App in its current form. The graphics are great and I know everyone says the ‘transitions’ of WP7 are compelling but you really see why in this clip. And check out the animation 20 seconds in. But that’s just the beginning. Next up is a demo of the XNA framework effects. This is definitely worth watching. It shows the raw power of the XNA framework and you get to see some incredible 3D effects that should all be easily reproducible for a developer using the framework. I want to note that you’ll see some screen taps not get registered. That’s the computer. It’s the HP TouchSmart. I own one and it’s weird with screen taps, but that’s just a side note. Anyway, here’s the video:

Drooling much?:)