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This Just In: Google’s Got a Good Accountant

There’s some murmurring amongst various press outfits that Google’s only paying 2.4% out of the 20% average of the major countries in which it operates using something that is described as legal but with all the visual effects of arrows on the map looks like an elaborate money laundering scheme. Fortunately for Google this story lacks sex appeal and in my estimation will go away with exception to those blogs out there who go crazy when there’s more fodder for their Google is doing evil campaigns but no one reads them other than other crazies. Here’s an Irish news article, here’s a Bloomberg TV clip:

Too long; didn’t watch? Google’s saving money tactfully but legally and so is Facebook and the others.

Google’s response: “Google complies completely with the tax laws of all the countries in which we have operations. As a result, we make a very substantial contribution to local and national taxation and provide employment for thousands of people outside the US.”

Doug Simmons

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