I have this feeling that if they keep showing enough Windows Phone 7 demos we’ll find copy and paste:) Anyway, looking at the video we mentioned yesterday there’s another little bit of information. The presenter pulls up the website http://www.xbox.com/en-US/kinect on the phone and notes that there’s HD video shown on the site. If you go to the website they pull up you’ll see that the Kinect website has Silverlight embedded in it. And if you try to open this on your 6.5 device the page is mostly blank (as you’d expect since we cannot open Silverlight content in 6.5). Not so on the WP7 device as you can see. So that means that Silverlight is working within the browser. This is something we were told we would get eventually but wasn’t present initially. Now if anyone can get them to just hit the play button so we can see it in action I’d appreciate it:)


  1. I would think this was somewhat silly if it didn’t work but this is a great differentiator between cell phone os’s for Microsoft. It’s not like anybody else is going to have embedded silverlight.

  2. Silverlight viewed inside a browser being run from Silverlight, interesting!

    I wonder if we could create a mirror mirror effect with this, and eventually crash the phone :p

  3. Once again its the little things they are tending to and its showing. Commitment to excellence indeed.

  4. so would i. i actually rarely use copy & paste myself. it would go a long way to satisfy alot of people though.

  5. well if this taught us anything it’s that things are happening in the background that we’re not learning about. This was added, there’s an October release date…don’t be shoced if Oct doesn’t ahve copy and paste but December does…

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