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WP7 Imagine Cup Apps Revealed – Rockstar Crowned

Looks like the judging is over the and the winners have been picked for a Rockstar at Imagine Cup 2010 after 131 entries from students were submitted. Cash and WP7 devices (which I don’t think they get yet) have been awarded. So, what was judged? Some pretty neat apps actually. I’m going to just copy and paste this post for you for ease, but of course if you want to see the images in full size follow the link. Overall it’s more of what we’ve come to expect – great looking apps that (at least on paper) are very interesting. Without further delay:

Beastware – This team of 2 from the Advanced Technology Academy in the United States have built a game using the XNA framework called “Droid”.  This game leveraged the use of the accelerometer on the device unlike any other app we’ve seen. The Beastware team is our “Rockstar”. The team members are invited to Poland where the team will be awarded USD8000 and each team member will receive a Windows Phone. Below, you’ll find a couple of snapshots of the app running on the phone (apologies for the blurriness – these pictures were taken of the app running on an actual device). We hope to get some video and in depth information about how this team went about building their app as they prepare to head to Poland.

It keeps going…

And our runner up teams…

1st runner up, Tselina – This team of 4 from Indonesia built a very slick looking comic book reader in Silverlight. The rich graphics and navigation built into this app made this app very appealing. The Tselina team will be awarded USD4000 and each team member will receive a Windows Phone.

2nd runner up, Hypo Team – This team of 4 from TAR college in Malaysia have built an awesome game in XNA. This game has great graphics and a very clean interface. The Hypo Team will be awarded USD3000 and each team member will receive a Windows Phone.

This was a challenging contest for us to judge as there were a lot of apps that blew us away. Here are some other very interesting apps that received very high scores from our judges:

· Scavenger app

· A simple task manager app

· A PriceCheck app

· A travel trails app

· A restaurant/food finder app

· An on-the-go project management app

· A health/fitness monitoring app

· A simple study schedule manager app

· A cool looking weather app

· A Trivia Quiz App

Good work kids. Can’t wait for Marketplace to exist so I can try these out!:)