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WP7 Root Tools alpha released (Homebrew)

We’ve been corresponding with Heathcliff74 on XDA over the last few days, and he’s let us know that his newest tool, WP7 Root Tools is now available. This tool (unlike other registry editors such as TouchXperience) allows for more access in the registry of Samsung WP7 devices, making previously-unavailable keys now editable. Ultimately, this tool will also contain a file explorer and “tweaks” section, but in it’s alpha state, it just includes a registry editor at present. As Heathcliff74 puts it,

This is the first release of a tool, that I’ve been working on for the past few months. With this tool you get root-access to parts of your WP7 device. The first release only contains a registry-editor. The file-explorer and certificate stores will follow.

This tool is in alpha stage. That means that it is not feature complete and it is not yet properly tested. This tool also provides you with high privileges with which you can alter low level settings and data on this device. All this may result in unexpected and undesired behavior, which may ultimately damage your device. Use this tool with care and use it at your own risk. The developer of this tool cannot be hold responsible for any kind of damages, caused directly or indirectly by using this tool.

The current version of this tool can only be used on Samsung devices. A small part of the code uses Samsung-specific functionality. The performance of the tool may sometimes be slow. This is the result of the way access to the system is elevated. The goal is to make this tool device-independent and to elevate access more directly in the future, but that requires more research.

With the tool’s release, this also confirms our solution for those with push notification/live tile errors. Having personally suffered from the problem, I was able to adjust my directories in the registry (using Root Tools) and all of my push notifications and live tiles are 100% functional again. More details on that issue can be found here, as well as steps to remedy it.


To download WP7 Root Tools, head on over to XDA.