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WP7 – Welcome To The World Of Physics

Just a short while ago we posted on Droppy Pop for Silverlight/WP7 where the ‘physics’ were noted. For those who don’t know, we’re talking about the fact that objects interact in a natural way…you know, according to the laws of physics.  The author of Droppy Pop provided some links to some Silverlight sourcecode and training videos on how to easily get physics into a Silverlight/WP7 apps. For developers this is great because you can easily do a lot of things with the libraries already prepared for you. For end users, great news too cause devs are happy:) So check out for a series of videos and code (as well as this link for WP7 info) and if you want to try these out yourself just click this link and you can see a few samples of Sivlerlight  physics in your web browser. Oh and just for giggles check out Boss Launch which is also Silverlight physics in-browser…just for fun until he ports it to WP7:)