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Flash-ed, again!

Just a week ago, a high school classmate of mine, whom I communicate with on Facebook, wrote on my wall:  “Marti, you have a Windows phone, right? Is there a Flash player that works for it??”

Cue the *facepalm*.  Evidently she had a friend with a Windows Phone who was “frustrated by browsing the web on WP.”

So here we go, a little Flash for Mobile for the Regular Joe 101.

Read this on, then read this on

The first thing that should pop out to you is the date: November 2011.  10 months ago.  Okay, it hasn’t been overly marketed, but Apple was never really quiet (but also not overly loud outside of tech news/blogs/talks) about never supporting Flash.  Heck, there are plenty of “iPhone doesn’t support Flash” jokes out there, I find it difficult that anyone has missed them.

So basically, since Apple said, “No,” and they’re THE powerhouse in mobile devices (like it or not), Adobe made the business decision that they weren’t going to try to change Steve Jobs’ mind and said, “Well, nuts” and decided to put their resources into HTML 5.

It sucks. It’s a pain. But there it is.