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WP7 XNA – Steampunk Tower Defense Demo

I’m not into tower defense games and I know why – cause I can’t play them like these guys can:) Just take a look at this demo of a Defence of Lushington Springs, a tower defense game being built for Windows Phone 7. It looks great – it’s handling a lot of events without any issues. It’s impressive. Even enough so that it makes me want to try it…if only I had a pone to play it on. Anyway, here’s the demo

The author notes:

None of the art assets are ready yet (maps, towers and units) and I still have to decide exactly which towers to have. I have a content pipeline importer which makes importing towers trivial, so hopefully it shouldn’t take too long, and then it will be a case of balancing the units and towers. I also plan on having 12 units in the game (only 4 in the video). I still need to implement the tower bases and tops, which rotate around to face their current target.

Someone get this guy a phone so he can finish this up!