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WP7’s Red Herring-Bland Start Screen

Spending an enormous amount of my day reading tech sites has its advantages.  I come across tons of conflicting information and especially so with Windows Phone 7.  Bland and boring is how the Start screen is described by those who feel WP7 is not their cup of tea.  Well I searched and reviewed the WP7 media I have and low and behold I found a clip of a very colorful and lively WP7 start screen shown off during MIX10(posted below).

Pay special attention to the diversity of elements pinned to the start menu: Apps, Contacts, Zune, Xbox Live, Pictures.  We already know you can have the phone dialer, email, texts pinned to the menu.  Once you pass by the Start screen you like Alice “travel down a rabbit hole” into an entirely new, unusual yet fun world where Panoramic displays take over. 


Critics would have gotten away with the accusation that WP7 is bland had it not been for this very public display of the start screen’s customization ability and that meddling Joe Belfiore!