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TF3D 2.1 Automatically Detects Location And More

The other day Herg released his latest Fuze ROM running build 23412 which I’ve been happily running. Today I turned on TF3D (which I usually have disabled) to see how it runs. When I scrolled to the weather tab I was greeted with a Google Maps ‘accept or decline’ page requesting permission to use ‘My Location’ to locate me. Once accepted it automatically loaded my local weather (so I never needed to scroll through the ridiculous list of cities). Better yet, I was on the road today and when I went to the weather tab, without any key presses, it automatically found the town I was in and loaded its weather. I’m happy enough that I’m leaving TF3D running for now:)

So, where did this feature come from? It’s from the version of TF3D Herg loaded which is the Gen.Y Manila Revolution R1.5 VGA Port from Yozgatg of XDA. As Yozgatg explains, he worked off of a final release of TF3D to complete the work of xboxmod who previously released  TF3D2. Here are the changes to TF3D2.1 over TF3D2:

– New add push page dialog: you can enter your own push page manually, no longer needed to first add it as a bookmark to opera (see screenshot below)
> Also, now a warning will pop up when enabling push page (extra data transfer etc.)
– New messaging screen: thumbnails have been removed to create more space for the messages themselves (see screenshot below)
– Calendar auto-adapts to regional settings: calendar now starts on Monday if your regional settings are right (see screenshot below)
– Complete facebook integration: no more connection errors
– 6 more program icons available in start menu/programs tab (+ it’s adjustable, so you can even get more/less)
– WM6.1 & WM6.5 compatible!
– Numbers / web links in SMS messages are now pressable
> clicking on a number will open a new screen where you can add to contacts, make a call or send SMS
> clicking on a link will open the web browser
– New text message font in Message tab (Helvetica LT35 Thin)

– New "My Location" in Weather Tab
> uses Google Maps to automatically locate your position and adjust weather tab & world clock accordingly
– Weather Tab now takes date into account and adjust accordingly

I want to note that while the post mentions that GPS is in use to find your location it’s actually Google’s LocateMe which is pinging cell phone towers to find your location and not GPS. While slightly less accurate than GPS, it’s faster and uses less battery so for a job like this it’s a better fit.

So, where can you get TF3D2.1? Well you can download it from XDA (follow the instructions they provide to load it) or just flash a ROM that has it loaded…like Herg’s.

And don’t forget to thank your porters and chefs for their work in bringing the latest to your device.