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Xbox Music Song Credits Now on Windows Phone 8



So say you’re like me and carried over your Zune music subscription to Xbox Music, guess what you can do now on your Windows Phone 8?  Well I guess I spoiled the surprise with the title but your song credits now work on your phone!

This has always been a feature that I’ve wanted.  I always forget to sync up to my computer and download my free included 10 songs from my most played music on my phone, but now we can.  I’m a big Chicago Blackhawks fan and found this new functionality from when I was browsing for the song that they played whenever they score a goal at home.


– Look for whatever music that you want



– Click download link to the right of the Art



– Key: instead of clicking the download button click on the “Purchase available” link


– Enter in your Wallet PIN


– Now look at that we can now use song credits!

Seems that this method only works for single song purchases at the moment.  As for now, I’ve heard this is not turned on in Canada yet; I am also not sure if the rest of the world has this functionality yet either.  I am also not sure if this works on Windows Phone 7.  So give it a try and let us know if this works for you.