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Xbox One Controller Could Have Had Smell?

Xbox One Controller Could Have Had Smell

Microsoft’s Zulfi Alam told gaming site Kotaku about the “almost hads” of the Xbox One controller. They experimented with smell, something I’ve read about in theaters but was never really widely received.

“We went all out, but they didn’t work out in practice due to the overly immersive smells.”

The problem they had was not so much producing the conceiving smells, but clearing the room of those smells when it was all over! It would have been interesting to get the scent of rubber in forza 5, or smoke in Battlefield 4.

Another “almost” was a small screen and speakers! They abandoned the concept because they found it was too distracting from the overall experience.

"The best speakers in the house are the ones associated with the TV and you essentially drown it all away, so it’s not a useful investment.”

I am not really sure what to make of this, this is something that has been working well for Nintendo, it would have been nice to get a taste of this! But, let us not forget the already amazing feature set the Xbox One controller delivers in the end! It sure is fun to fantasize though.