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Xbox One & SkyDrive Media Integration Demo Shows Up

xboxgotoskydrive01 Say what you will but long term vision matters. Microsoft has chosen to develop the Xbox One device as a platform for gaming and media. Microsoft has taken to its blog to show off how the power of SkyDrive being integrated into the platform can make your media experience better.

Android and iPhone users can enjoy the same integration but it is clear that the best experience will be on a Windows Phone. Taking and automatically uploading photos and videos to SkyDrive creates the possibility of a live slide show or presentation of events and life moments for family and friends who can’t be there.

Yes gaming is priority one for the console but it doesn’t hurt to have a seamless and intuitive experience built on top of it. Vertical integration has long been a big plus for services and this time it is no different as Microsoft looks to leverage their growing ecosystem in their fight for the living room.

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