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XBoxMod TF3D Touch Pro 2 Beta 1D Released

As you guys know by now, I drank the TP2 TF3D Kool-Aid and I’m hooked on it. Well today announces another incremental upgrade with beta 1D being released.  Here’s the change log:

xboxmod-TouchFLO-2-pics-Internet tab fixed
-music tab fixed
-start menu fixed
-stocks tab fixed
-some menu fixed
-wallpaper fixed (thx Chainfire)
-HTC photopicker fixed
-gsensor fix (thx tore)
and some others.

If you already have the ported TF3D installed you just need to install the 1D upgrade (make sure TF3D is turned off at the time). If you’re just thinking of joining in now there is a new package with the following:

-Rhodium Manila cfc (thx Chainfire)
-HTC New ContactCard
-HTC Notification
-HTC Menu Enhancement
-Rhodium volume control & some tweak
-Rhodium Album V3
-htc program icons
-htc Gsensor V4
-Xbmod Tmobile skin

This package contains a ‘required’ folder and all you need to do is install the apps in order (there is a text file in the package with instructions). I can confirm that after installing the 1D upgrade my standard HTC Album does work now (the prior fix was to upgrade to the ported version of HTC Album which functions slightly differently but now you can choose which you prefer- either install the patch or install the full new version of HTC Album). Also, after installing the 1D patch Start now brings me to my ‘Applications Tab" and if I go to the "All Applications" soft key there it loads in finger friendly mode (not the traditional grid style). This can be enabled or disabled by cabs that are in the package as well. All in all I’m smiling a lot:)

The downloads are located in the first posting here. Thanks again to XBoxMod and his team and remember to support his efforts.