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XDA to Go Dark on Jan 18th at 8:00am…..

…but not for long. Looks like the good folks at XDA Developers have decided to take a stand on SOPA and PIPA, so will join other sites and go off the air at 8:00am on January 18th. The site will remain down until 8:00pm the same day, or until they have received 50,000 pledges from Users to contact their Senator or Congressman to voice their opposition.

So– beginning at 8AM ET on January 18th, the domain WILL go dark. When you come to the site, you will see links to information about SOPA and the damaging impact it will have on the free Internet. Visitors from the United States will also see a link to an online pledge. Users who choose to sign their name to the pledge are agreeing simply to contact their local Senator or Representative (via phone or email) and politely voice their opposition to the bills. Once 50,000 people have made the pledge, XDA will go back up.

You can read the full statement here. Not sure where you stand on this issue but thought it would be good to spread the word.