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Ximad Releases De-Bugs Pool (Lie Billiards) For Windows Phones (Free)

Ximad makes great games – always well polished and look great. Their latest Windows phone release is called De-BUGS Pool. Guess what it is?

One day when the Christmas was knocking on the door Wizard Irma was sitting in a huge chair smoking a cigar thinking how he can get rid of strange bugs living on his lake… He’s been trying to make them fly away for several weeks already. And the day came when he was to realize that there’s no way to clear his Mystery Pond. But Irma is not the one who gives up – he found a way to turn this neighborhood to entertainment.. Want to know how? Join him in his new game – Pool.

It’s a casual game and is getting good ratings. it’s also free. You can check it out here.