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Xperia Panels Working On The Tilt2 and Pure

Herg hasn’t done anything phenomenal since yesterday so it was time for another treat. This time he was able to get the Xperia Panels to work on the current WVGA line of HTC phones and it is confirmed to be working on the Tilt 2, Touch Pro 2, and the Pure (Diamond 2). If you’ve never used Panels before they’re pretty neat actually and they vary from the very simplistic ‘fish’ theme (poke the fish and watch them swim away) to the more complex screens with calendars, appointments, shortcuts, etc but they are very very highly customizable. The stock Panels work and there’s some limited success with additional Panels. FaceBook, Skype and On The Road did not load but WindowsLive did run. If you want to test additional Panels there’s a great XDA thread located here with lots of them to try out. Additional Panels are spread throughout XDA in the Xperia threads.The Panels cab itself can be found in Herg’s Corner in our forums and is located here.  Please also report on working/non-working third party panels in that thread in the forums as well so there is one place to keep all of the information together on this project. If you do want to use the Panels as your primary interface you should probably dedicate a hardware key to launch them.

This is another great project from Herg. This one is worth testing out since it’s multiple user interfaces wrapped into one. Don’t forget to thank Herg for his hard work with some coffee, scotch…hey whatever you give he likes 🙂

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