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Yellowstone National Park to Get 34M Wireless Upgrade?

It’s Monday alright and more things making the news to slap your forehead over is the prospect that Yellowstone National Park could get a 34 million dollar wireless upgrade consisting of fiber-optics to increase wireless service “that would dramatically improve connectivity in certain areas for mobile devices.”  CenturyLink has been in discussions with park officials that would coincide with a campaign running to “Go Digital” before the park’s 100 birthday in 2016.

Just so to be clear, this would not make the whole park completely wireless but would make several areas better able to handle the wireless demand when uploading all those pictures of campers feeding the bears. (insert Yogi image here). Park officials have stressed that it only consists of the 5 current locations that are already connected. An advocacy group director calls the move “inappropriate” because of the backlog of road maintenance and other basic infrastructure improvements needed in the park.

It does bring up the conversation of “is there anywhere that should not be connected”? Are we free of technology and connectivity anywhere? Personally I carry my devices everywhere I go because it enhances my outdoor time not detracts from it. Maybe not the best example is last year when I was sitting on my back porch relaxing and drinking some coffee when large bird landed in the lake behind me and perched on a log. Had no idea what it was but it had lots of white “splotches” on it. Turns out with a quick BING search it was a juvenile Bald Eagle. Having that knowledge really made the experience that much better because I knew what I was looking at. The point is that if you don’t want to use technology and want to unplug, turn your device off.

Use technology responsibly my friends.