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AOL Transforming Into Digital Media and Entertainment

Even though you still see an AOL domain email pop up in your inbox, gone are the days of the “You Got Mail” announcement that we all loved to hate. AOL and their dial up service has been busy transforming into a digital media and entertainment company with advertising revenue that has increased 20% or in dollars try $451.7 million. Owners of the Huffington Post and TechCrunch websites, was also helped helped by the acquisition of video advertising platform earnings jumped to a cool 194m by offering advertising to to marketers and publishers. Thumbing their nose at analysts AOL “beat the street” by increasing 12% to $606.8 million from $541.3 million last year when analyst were thinking more in the range of 595m. So take that AOL naysayers! AOL may not have “mail” any longer but they are storming back with a resurgence in digital media and entertainment!