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Yes, that is an Xbox Live game running on Windows Phone 7

Engadget just threw up this article over on their site showing off some new WinPho 7 stuff.  More video of the hacked up Omnia HD with a snapdragon and capacative screen Frankensteined on, but this time doing quite a bit more than showing off home screen animations.  We get to see a little bit of Twin Blades action.  The game looks very smooth as far as framerate and control response with quite a few characters on screen.  What is even more impressive is the fact that 90% of the code from the Xbox arcade game was reused in the phone.  This gives me hope for some mobile Castle Crashing on a WinPho 7 handset in the future.  With this ease of porting we could see a HUGE backlog of amazing games getting ported directly from the Xbox 360’s catalogue.   Hit up the SOURCE over at Engadget to see the game in action.  Also lets hope, as Engadget does, that we get some much sexier hardware before launch because that thing could lose to the Elephant Man in a beauty contest.

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