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You Can Now Dual Boot

It was just hours ago that we mentioned that Yozgatg would be releasing a way to dual boot a device in Android and WM and it’s now live. The download is located here. In order to use this you need to have a device that has Android ported to it (a so called ‘XDAndroid’ port). So while he has released a loader for QVGA, VGA and WVGA you still need a port of Android (which is what we anticipated). As you know, the Touch Pro/Diamond port is pretty far along. The Touch Pro 2 port is moving along at pretty good speed but it isn’t as far as the Touch Pro is.

So getting back to the new news:)  Wil tested it out and noted that it works as expected. Once installed you get a popup on reboot asking which OS you want to load. The only thing apparently missing is a settings shortcut so that you could modify the instructions later (like toggling fastboot and which OS is the default). What this app ultimately does is significantly reduce the time it takes to load Android so that it is closer to a native OS. You still do need WM to be installed and it does still load. However, this comes a lot closer to really letting you pick an OS as a dual boot solution and for some it will let them try out Android to see if they want to switch and for others it will likely act as a replacement OS and extend the life of their hardware. For others (like me) it’s just a nice way to play with some more apps and get a feel for another OS. Regardless of what you’re reason is, it’s a very neat project. Remember to support Yozgatg if you appreciate his work.