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Zero Gravity Ported To WP7 – Try It Now

Yup, if it’s written in Silverlight you can play it on your PC or Windows Phone 7. And here’s a game that’s available to try now on your PC and was ported to work for WP7 and the source code is already available. How easy was the port? “Nothing in the code needed to structurally change.” Oh what is the game” it’s a logic based puzzle game where you need to get the chimp back to his spaceship and if you head in a direction you’ll continue to float unless there’s a solid object there so you need to pick your moves based on the calculations. On top of that, it has great cartoony graphics and even has a little pseudo storyline going on between levels. It’s pretty fun even on PC and I can see it being a great time waster on a phone.

via WMExperts